My research projects are focused on the analysis of biological rhythms, model estimation algorithms, qualitative reasoning for continuous-time dynamical systems, the utilization of dynamical systems theory to analyze and reduce complex neuroscience models, and software for neuroinformatics.

My most recent work on informatic tools for "literate modeling" is documented on my blog, Transient Dynamic.

My primary neuroinformatics contribution is through PyDSTool. Introductions to some of the above topic areas can be found at the following links to Wikipedia and Scholarpedia: computational neuroscience, neuroinformatics, phase response curves (general oscillators), phase response curves (neural dynamics) and neuronal parameter optimization.

Google Summer of Code Projects (Feb '15)

The INCF is sponsoring two Google Summer of Code projects this year that will directly benefit PyDSTool. Please take a look and forward to anyone who might be interested in participating.

Student publishing (Dec '11)

My 2011 graduate class, Introduction to Modeling (NEUR 8790), published a guide accompanying the GSU Biology seminar given by Dr. Carson Chow in December 2011. More details here.

Conference organizing (May '11)
I co-organized a minisymposium on "Multi-level Modeling of Dynamical Systems" at the SIAM Dynamical Systems 2011 meeting in Snowbird, UT, featuring Yannis Kevrekidis, Steve Cox, and Alona Ben-Tal.

GSU grant awards (Summer '13)

I received a Molecular Biology of Disease Seed Grant with Dr. Deb Baro (Biology) to develop a working model of activity dependent regulation in the crustacean pyloric circuit, and use it to develop new hypotheses about its role in functional homeostasis.